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Call for a local moving company in your area.

Are you moving locally or to a different state? Call Service Finder can connect you to a moving company that can help with your moving needs.

Take the worry and stress of moving out when you connect with a local moving company. Whether you are moving across the city or to a different state, Call Service Finder can help match you to the right moving company in your area.

Call Service Finder now and enter your zip code to be connected to a moving company in your area at no cost.

Tips for picking a moving company

What distance are you moving

There are many different fee structures and costs depending on the distance of your move. Know beforehand the distance of the move and if it crosses to a different state. Talking with a moving company can help you understand what is the best fitting service for your moving needs.

Know your budget

Many times frustration occurs when budgets are not decided upon beforehand. Discussing your budget directly and up front with the moving company can save headache and miscommunication later in the process. Also, always ask for all fees and costs before committing to any company's services.

Ask as many questions

When you are talking with the moving company, always ask lots of questions. Ask for all costs and fees of their service, if they cover any broken items during the move, if they provide packing and loading services, and if they provide storing options if needed. Be informed before agreeing to any contract.

What is their availability

Be clear on your dates that you need to move and arrive in your new home. Establishing the moving company's availability for the dates of your move can save time and money as well as avoid any miscommunication. Availability can vary if you are moving locally or long distance and timing is everything when you are moving.

Call Service Finder is a service that helps connect consumers to a local moving company for free. The prices of each moving company can vary as well as the variables for each individual's needs during the moving process.

Always get an estimate from the moving company before any work or orders are placed. It's suggested to get several estimates from different moving companies to help educate you on what to expect for your moving services.

Moving your life to a new home can be stressful. Call Service Finder can help connect you to a trusted moving company and make the first steps of your journey a little easier.

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